About us

Company history

From a manufacturer to a top industrial company

SPIGA GmbH was founded in 1993 as a family business in the small Saxon town of Flöha. Since then, investments have been made regularly to expand and modernize our machine capacities. A steady growth of the company could be ensured by very powerful and modern machines. One of the most modern knitting factories in Europe was created.

company building

Today 35 warp knitting machines are part of the SPIGA GmbH machinery. With our annual capacity of more than 200 tons, SPIGA is one of the leading companies in the industry in Europe. In 1998 new production halls were set up and put into operation at today's Falkenau location. These new production areas created ideal conditions for increasing production and quality assurance. SPIGA currently employs 46 people. Six young skilled workers have been trained since 1993 and have been able to learn the job of a machine operator. In 2005 the sister company "Pressless" was founded. Here we produce in the area of ​​innovative technical textiles. In 2006 "SPIGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd." was founded. This enables us to be even closer to our customers in Asia.

"An Oscar for the middle class"
In 2002 the company was awarded the regional magazine prize.

Excellent training company
In 2008 we received the certificate for an excellent training company.

Energy management
From 2014 onwards, energy management will be carried out continuously in our company. Sustainability is an important point in our corporate philosophy